02/02/2023 Thursday

02:04 p.m Mark Spicoluk: Wade, Mark here. Look I have no idea about your life now and wether you did a change or whatever and I wouldn't care either (that's why I left your lies covered) if I didn't have seen what I've seen. Whatever you're panning there regarding Em. Leave it where it is Wade. Stop it. Make a change, if you need help... there is. 

03:40 p.m Wade Robson: Mark, Wade here. Look I have no idea who’s business you're trying to fuck but what I know for sure is: „EM“ is non of yours. Remember that. So get back to where you came from and stop fucking my peace if you can’t find yours. Be careful.

03:47 p.m Mark Spicoluk: I’m not the one of us who uses to fuck other people’s lifes Wade. I was just trying to help out as I left worried about EMERY. He doesn’t look healthy. Good luck Wade

03:49 p.m Wade Robson: Touching your concern.. but not necessary. He's none of your business so just stay away and we're friends. All the best

03:51 p.m Mark Spicoluk: You won't get away forever with that. He's a good guy. Think about. That's all I'm asking you for.