06/02/2023 Monday

12:55 p.m Wade Robson: I don't want to burden you despite as you always think. I'll get straight to the point.I'd like to spend time with Emery this afternoon, to be with him when he goes to rest. You can control me if you think you have to, I don't care. Just tell me where it's possible and under what circumstances. I don't want to discuss the matter in front of him. I want to be able to take him naturally to a place where I can be with him after lunch now. Please let me know. Thanks 

13:57 a.m Ryan Cohen: Not possible. He'd sleep in bed in peace. You can see him when he is awake again.

01:00 p.m Wade Robson: do you actually deal with reality at some point maybe hobby-wise Ryan? You're such a pain in the ass. He wants to be with me! He needs me. 

01:03 p.m Ryan Cohen: huh? Confusing. I'm neither the one who causes pain in the ass nor the one who deals with it. Wade don't bust my balls and deal with it somehow 

01:04 p.m Wade Robson: He wants to be with me, he wants it. Why don't you ask him? 

01:05 p.m Ryan Cohen: I'm sure he'll right text you when he's awake. In the meantime, find a hobby or idk. 

01:13 p.m Wade Robson: Give me any way!!! You have EVERY chance to control me holy shit so give me a chance. I just want to be with him

01:15 p.m Ryan Cohen: It is too short term now anyway

01:16 p.m Wade Robson: Short term?? We have been together for almost a year 

01:18 p.m Ryan Cohen: You are not together at all 

01:19 p.m Wade Robson: What kind of reality loser are you? Ok, it's fine. But I'll not make that for long

01:19 p.m Ryan Cohen: I don't give a shit 


08/02/2023 Wednesday

09:14 a.m Wade Robson: Ryan, my patience is slowly coming to an end!

09:16 a.m Ryan Cohen: Already? Mine is not and it will never be. What do you want again? HE DOESN'T TALK ANYMORE! Do you notice anything? Do you actually have any working sensors?  Don't bother

09:17 a.m Wade Robson: Yes, why don't he talk anymore? Because you put pressure on him!!! Let him be with me and he will talk again

09:18 a.m Ryan Cohen: For sure. You have a god complex

09:20 a.m Wade Robson: Give me a chance!!!! Let him be with me and he will be fine

11/02/2023 Saturday

01:20 p.m Wade Robson: Aren't you ashamed? Did you really have to do that? You can't go on like this. You ruin your brother and keep preaching that you love him? Shame on you

01:32 p.m Ryan Cohen: Just stay out of it and shut the fuck up

20/02/2023 Monday

08:56 a.m Wade Robson: Morning Ryan. Do you think we both can manage to talk in the same interest? Just once with the same focus that we love him? Without judging who loves better and cares better and stuff. Just once. I need to talk to you. I can only talk to you about it

08:57 a.m Ryan Cohen: Morning. First where are you? And then what is it about? Did something happen? Should be possible with talking 

08:59 a.m Wade Robson: Happened... Nothing happened, no. I can only you know go on like this with great difficulty. I have always respected that it is up to him what he wants to tell me. But his story is a mystery and often scares me. And talking to him is pretty disturbing too sometimes. Well I don't think it will work out talking to you openly, because you'll freak out when I tell you

09:02 a.m Ryan Cohen: I'm trying. What happened? I know it can be upsetting talking to him, but don't be hard on him.

09:03 a.m Wade Robson: I'd rather tell you from a safe distance. Maybe when you calm down we can meet. I'm on the other side of the lake. I need a moment to myself.

09:07 a.m Ryan Cohen: I listen 

09:09 a.m Wade Robson: I got intimate with him last night. In a different way

09:10 a.m Ryan Cohen: able to spare me those?

09:11 a.m Wade Robson: not really. Ryan I don't harm him. Never. I asked him if he wanted to, I always do. 

09:11 a.m Ryan Cohen: Go ahead

09:12 a.m Wade Robson: I imagine you don't know and I didn't know until now but he has frightening scars on his body. It shocked me to the bones but I didn't say nothing. I tried to talk to him about it later this night but he just explained in a disturbing way.

09:13 a.m Ryan Cohen: what you're talking about?I know his body inside out. My brother has put a damn lot of money into restoring the integrity of his body. He has no scars. And well if there are some now and then Wade then grace god to you

09:15 a.m Wade Robson: I knew you'd freak out again. never thought I might see parts of his body you don't see?

09:16 a.m Ryan Cohen: Get to the point. I have seen my brother naked millions of times. Completely naked. So what now??? 

09:17 a.m Wade Robson: You haven't seen his anus and perineum. I did. Tell me what happened to him!!! I can't get it out of my head. What did they do to him? It looks like burns or I don't know transplanted skin or something. I'm heartbroken, what did they do to him?

09:18 a.m Ryan Cohen: I don't know. I really don't know either. And no of course I didn't see. Better don't talk to him about. Let it be 

09:20 a.m Wade Robson: I thought he told you everything?? He couldn't have kept such a serious injury from you!!!! It's not something you could somehow leave out or ever forget. And no, I didn't touch him then any further of course. But I understand now why he prefers it dark. He is ashamed

09:22 a.m Ryan Cohen: Should I say great job now? Do you want the prize for humanity? we can talk later. About what he said. We should also communicate it to the Docs

09:24 a.m Wade Robson: but that's intimate and private 

09:24 a.m Ryan Cohen: His life is. They should know what he said about. Let's get there when he goes for mediation. 

09:31 a.m Wade Robson: Alright. I'll come back now

10:06 a.m Wade Robson: Ryan I kind of don't feel good about telling the docs what he told me privately. I'm not saying I won't, I'm just saying it doesn't feel right.

10:06 a.m Ryan Cohen: I know that. But only when they start to understand we can ever. It's good that you told me. And I understand that it's hard for you to never know what happened. Let's discuss this with the docs, too, ok?

10:08 a.m Wade Robson: He first said that he did those injuries on himself. And not because he wanted to harm himself but because he was so greedy for sex that it was only enough if it was hard enough. I said ok, I take note of that but to let it go that far... is just not normal. You know what I mean? I mean he said deep down he always knew he was gay. He said right up until the end he was self-inflicting these injuries. But,ryan,these are not harmless scratches. I put a stop to it. I didn't know what to say anymore

10:10 a.m Ryan Cohen: I think that's very interesting for the docs. I get it but look he's talking about his childhood, not some degenerate sexual behavior in his 20s. He blames himself

10:13 a.m Wade Robson: I almost thought so. He talked like it was late puberty or something. But somehow it seemed strange to me. He said such strange things. Disturbing. You know I keep away I know these issues are so deep. 

10:14 a.m Ryan Cohen: Come on, let's go now. Do you feel able to continue this conversation with him? Because I think that's what they will suggest to work there

10:15 a.m Wade Robson: yes but I'm afraid saying something wrong. Ok I'm down in 5min

22/02/2023 Wednesday

05:36 a.m Wade Robson: Get up Ryan, come to my place and get to wake up the docs.

05:37 a.m Wade Robson: Now 

05:55 a.m Wade Robson: I'll not let that happen. There's no way ever I could listen to this Ryan no way!!! even more not without letting on what it's doing to me. There is just absolutely no way I can listen to him watching up to me taking about this humiliation. I can't

05:57 a.m Ryan Cohen: I don't think you have to. 

05:59 a.m Wade Robson: don't start! I did it to spare it him!!! I rather suffer myself than expose him to the violence of his tormentor and I rather suffer myself than have him do that to himself.


23/02/2023 Thursday

02:30 p.m Wade Robson: Thanks Ryan. For everything

02:36 p.m Ryan Cohen: You know you can opt out. if and when is up to you or your doc. I imagine it might be heavy at certain points. In a different way than for me. 

02:39 p.m Wade Robson: No, there is no issue regarding myself. But thanks

24/02/2023 Friday

01:06 a.m Wade Robson: Asleep?

01:08 a.m Ryan Cohen: He is. In 10min at the fireplace

01:09 a.m Wade Robson: Well

25/02/2023 Saturday

03:10 a.m Wade Robson: Damn I don't know what I have, I'm not good at all. I had terrible nightmares, I feel depressed and panicky. Something is not right at all anymore.

03:13 a.m Ryan Cohen: Do you want me to wake up the doc?

03:14 a.m Wade Robson: No, I'll wait till the morning but that doesn't feel normal. I'm best familiar with depression, but it has never manifested itself like this before

03:15 a.m Ryan Cohen: Well it doesn't surprise me, it's all very too much of everything. 

03:16 a.m Wade Robson: I think the mephaquin might be the trigger. There are known side effects like that. 

03:18 a.m Ryan Cohen: The malaria prophylaxis? Psychological side effects? then stop it right away

03:32 a.m Ryan Cohen: are u ok? Do you need any medication?

03:34 a.m Wade Robson: I took a Xanax. I won't sleep anymore anyway. I dreamt that I killed Emery. Damn it was horrible. How can anyone dream something like that?

03:36 a.m Ryan Cohen: No idea. I'm less a dream researcher but more the type who likes to dream himself, so if you get along good night. otherwise call the doctor.

03:39 a.m Wade Robson: Yeah, sure. Go to sleep. Is Emery asleep?

03:40 a.m Ryan Cohen: He slept. 4 hours. But now he's awake. I just see his shadow in the middle of the room in some strange position in which he never falls asleep again- anyway still breathing. Good night 

03:44 a.m Wade Robson: What does he do? Yoga meditation?

03:46 a.m Ryan Cohen: Damn I don't know. If you're able to come quietly then come but if you wake me up there will be no joy

03:50 a.m Wade Robson: No, don't come now. But take him to bed. How can you just sleep when he's lying there on the floor?

04:10 a.m Wade Robson: Ok I come take him to me

04:15 a.m Ryan Cohen: Just let him do his stuff here. He doesn't sleep and he won't sleep in your bed either. Do you feel better knowing he's awake in bed just because it's a bed and not a floor? Just let him

06:50 p.m Wade Robson: What was going on there this morning?

06:52 p.m Ryan Cohen: What you’re talking about?

06:53 p.m Wade Robson: Well better you tell me. What's wrong with you? How about you letting him put his naked body on you? Smoke less or get more sleep if you didn’t mind and if you did get help. I’m so upset!!! You aware of his problems right???

06:54 p.m Ryan Cohen: Damn don’t start that again. There’s nothing wrong

06:55 p.m Wade Robson: Nothing wrong with him having a hard-on lying on your fucking back?

06:56 p.m Ryan Cohen: Holy, he touches a tree getting a boner man. Come down

06:56 p.m Wade Robson: We need to talk. My place

06:58 p.m Ryan Cohen: Alright I’ll come over when I’m done here. Feeding my daughter.

27/02/2023 Monday

12:30 a.m Ryan Cohen: We're going to get this lunch over with us keeping it calm. You just stop watching over NOW and I'm going to pretend I don't notice. And afterwards the both of us talk

01/03/2023 Wednesday

00:15 a.m Wade Robson: Please don't worry. I'll take best care of him. I won't sleep a wink as long as he is with me. I don't know why things happened as they did today but I'll not deviate in the slightest from the therapists' instructions.

00:16 a.m Ryan Cohen: No need. He stays with me. He knew you.

00:17 a.m Wade Robson: But I don't know why!!! He never never never changed not for one second!!! I'be always paid attention to!!

00:19 a.m Ryan Cohen: Deal with it or don't. I don't blame, I don't fight, I don't do nothing as lack the power. I just want to protect my brother. 

00:20 a.m Wade Robson: You know that I leave tomorrow. It's my last nights I can spend with him. 

00:22 a.m Ryan Cohen: There are days. Be with him then. Please don't act up for once. Thank you


04/03/2023 Saturday

04:28 a.m Wade Robson: impressive your parents home 

04:36 a.m Ryan Cohen: True words


15/03/2023 Wednesday

03:34 a.m Wade Robson: I know didn't want it to happen like it happend. Of course I'm angry but that doesn't help nobody now. I know you didn't mean it. Don't doubt everything now, he still needs you.

09:20 a.m Wade Robson: Any news? Don't dare to call, don't wanna disturb

09:22 a.m Ryan Cohen: Not yet. Call you when I know something

09:23 a.m Wade Robson: ok

11:02 a.m outgoing call. Duration: 07:32min

01:02 p.m Wade Robson: Is he awake now?

01:04 p.m outgoing call Duration: 15:12min